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DIK has about 1600 student members who all constitute DIK Student. DIK Student monitors the students’ interests and represents them in the Association Board of Trustees and the various local associations within DIK.

By getting involved in DIK Student you can raise issues that concern you and participate in discussions and decisions that affect your future professional life. Here you will get in contact with students from all over the country who are studying in the same field as you. Meeting with them will enable you to exchange views and experiences, compare courses and programmes and form nation-wide networks.

DIK Student also collaborates with professionals within DIK, which gives you a great opportunity to get insight into their reality already while studying, and to establish a personal network to make use of in the future.

Student meetings
DIK Student meetings are arranged several times per semester. Study visits to some DIK related workplaces are sometimes organized as well.

The most involved students take on various assignments, become representatives for the local associations, start networks or function as contact persons in the city where they study. All commitments are voluntary and there are no demands on you. Many participate solely as observers to listen and learn.

Most meetings take place at DIK’s office in Stockholm. DIK reimburses the travel expenses for two students per place of study. The meetings are announced in DIK's membership periodical Ping Magazine and in the web calendar. All student members are welcome to sign up!

If you do not have the possibility to participate but still want to get involved in some way, you can sign up as a contact person in your place of study. This means that you follow what happens at your college or university and get in touch with us if something interesting should turn up, or if there is a reason for DIK to show up and talk about issues concerning your education.