The union that dares you to dare

Life isn't only work. But work is a big part of life. As a union we are right behind you in your career; in ups or downs.

Over 20,000 members of ours are represented in many types of businesses. Someone is in an ad agency; someone in a library. One works in an archive, another in a museum, and a third in culture administration or tourism.
What joins us is that we´re all in communications, in one way or another.

We at DIK help you move forward

And if you're in communication, you know that the winds are blowing at high speed. What was new tomorrow might be old news today. Rather than dodging development, we want to help you be a part of it; give you the energy to utilise it, in ways that benefit both you and your employer. Perhaps even be one step ahead. Thus, a big part of our mission is to inspire you and share knowledge, to enable you to plan your next career move. And give you the courage to take it.

We support you when winds are blowing

Insecurity is hard to cope with, no matter if you're a student, employee or if you run your own business. Insecurity might show itself as unstable forms of employment or a rapid societal development with an unknown endpoint. If and when uncertainty arises, we can help you manage it. Today, we have over 1,200 local union representatives in workplaces all over the country, and around 30 co-workers in the office – ranging from coaches to administrators. Together, we have both the experience and the knowledge to help you solve tricky situations in a constructive manner.

Rather than dodging development, we want to help you be a part of it. Your voice matters. 

At DIK, your voice matters

We are our members. We not only want to work for you, but with you. As a member you can influence the development of DIK at the highest rate. Not only can you vote for ombudsman to DIK's congress, but you can be one yourself. As an ombudsman, you can suggest matters which you believe we should drive as a union; as an example, you can issue a motion to our congress. To make us jointly shape your future.